SnuffNasal snuff is a fine ground, flavoured tobacco, and The Black Horse stocks twelve different flavours produced by Wilsons of Sharrow, including a tobacco-free white snuff and 'Best SP' which has been Wilsons' best selling snuff for more than 250 years.

Snuff has seen something of a renaissance since the smoking ban came into force last year and The Black Horse features prominently in a BBC Look North programme's report on snuff's renewed popularity.

Of course snuff is nothing new to a pub with such a long history as The Black Horse and although we have not managed to uncover any evidence of snuff having previously been on sale on the premises, antique ledgers at Wilsons of Sharrow show that, in 1893, there were six large tobacconists selling good quantities of their loose snuff in Whitby. Thus it is safe to assume that this is by no means the first time that the pub's clientele have enjoyed snuff along with their ale.